PCFerret Technology Solutions

PCFerret Technology Solutions was formed in the USA in Jan, 2013, by a computer consultant with over 36 years of experience in the IT sector.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: To produce quality, easy to use software accessible to everyone. Far too often, quality technical tools were too expensive for most people, and those which were affordable were unintuitive to use and had a high learning curve. Sometimes, the quality of those tools fell below an acceptable standard. We aim to help change that by continuing to develop PCFerret Pro, thus making available to everyone a unique set of intuitive, quality software tools for the novice and professional alike.

Policies At A Glance

This summarizes PCFerret Technology Solutions’ policies:

  • All of our practices and policies are transparent
  • Being first is not as important as getting it right – Quality First!
  • Our software installations never install anything other than the program they say they do
  • We do not disable features in our software
  • We do not use “nag screens” or advertisements in our software

The Future Of PCFerret

We are working towards making PCFerret Pro one of the most comprehensive set of tools for data discovery currently available on the Windows platform. This includes adding new modules and features to PCFerret on a continuous basis.

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