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Now finding hidden data on your computer is only a couple clicks away!

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The program uses well-tested algorithms to find hidden data stored in your computer and gives you the accurate and reliable results …

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PCFerret sports an easy-to-read layout which offers at-a-glance information about your system and files. The password generator is powerful and speedy. You may also search for specific files throughout your computer, generate hash values, detect ADS, and check out if Tor Browser is installed on a target system.

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All-in-all, PCFerret is a very interesting system diagnostics tool which takes a completely different approach compared to what we’ve seen in the past decade and good to have not just for its diagnostic tools, but also for the growing list of free modules available …

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PCFerret is a powerful system information viewer that allows you to get details about hidden data in addition to performing other tasks …

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PCFerret is easy to use, provides lots of useful functionality, and is free. I don’t see what’s not to like about it …

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Novices are the ones who will surely appreciate the intuitive and user-friendly graphic interface of the utility, as they will not need to search through various menus and windows so as to get the system information they require …

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So, whether you need detailed information about hardware components or a report like mentioned before, here you have a dedicated solution providing you an easy-to-use graphical interface. As such, this utility is suitable for any type of users …